An empty street, houses with doors and windows closed, a dog lying in the shadow looking at the horizon, the sea on the background.

The planet is ours again. Hares, squirrels and geese in parks, fish on the shore, birds on balconies, spiders on walls: we make our way into cities and through empty streets. Not scared any more, we sense peace. Fewer flying machines cross the skies. Breaking waves are the only sound on beaches. Lakes and canals are undisturbed. Our fur and scales are warmed by the sun and refreshed by the wind. We can breathe, search for food and move freely once more, without fear or hurry. Our offspring is thereby more numerous. In this new, decelerated world, we thrive.

Note: I wrote this piece to enter Fish Publishing‘s Lockdown Prize, where writers were asked to submit pocket prose of up to 100 words on the theme: “Coronavirus – the writer’s response to the strange times of 2020”.


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